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Patrick - Co-Founder & COO

Founded in 2009, STP Ventures has remained true to our original mission of providing IT solutions & partnerships that are affordable to our clients and provide consolidation. Building strong & lasting relationships with our clients plays a critical role in our ability to continue delivering customized & innovative solutions.

Our leadership and employees are central in creating a culture of customer care, partnership and elite levels of managing IT infrastructure and cybersecurity for our clients. Many of our associates have been with the company since the beginning, serving critical roles in building company growth & innovative advances in the solution sets & partnerships we’re able to provide.

STP helps our clients manage their IT infrastructure and stay safe from cyber threats. We do this by innovating new cybersecurity solutions, (link to ST180 solution) partnering with the world’s largest security providers and regular communication with business leaders – fueling our success in serving our clients. Our team (from the top down) undergo constant training & certifications, ensuring we are at the forefront of any issue you may face.

STP has stood at the forefront of consolidation & security in IT services for 13+ years, touting a team of long-serving associates & leadership that are dedicated to advancing technology & serving our clients.



Every interaction, every associate, every time. Our team will always act and speak with integrity and professionalism.


Our team strives to innovate new & creative ways to address the IT & Cybersecurity challenges facing our clients.


Consistency is key…to success! Our clients can count on us to provide results, day-after-day, year-after-year.


We are passionate. Passionate about keeping your technology running smoothly & keeping you safe from hackers and cyber threats.

Our goal as a technology services provider is to bring the world's business leaders together in a safe and productive way. Let us do that for you at a price that fits your budget and with a solution that is customized to fit your business.

Sheryl - Co-Founder & CEO




How long has STP Ventures been in business?

STP Ventures has been in operation since 2009.

Who is currently using STP Ventures services?

Our portfolio contains companies ranging in size from 15 employees to well over 100,000 employees.

What industries does STP Ventures serve?

STP serves both private & public sectors ranging from small business to organizations over $20 billion. Industry sectors we serve include; government (federal & local), healthcare, manufacturing, services, and retail. It’s important to note we work with ALL industries, as the need for cybersecurity applies to all organizations and the threat is growing every day.

Does STP Ventures offer insurance or indemnification to clients?

No, our mission is to provide an affordable and fast solution to increasing wave of cyber-attacks on organizations. Our mission does not include selling marked up insurance plans to our valued clients at a profit. If your priority is insurance, we recommend contacting an insurance professional. If you are looking for affordable cyber security protection, contact us today.

Where is STP Ventures located?

Our offices and staff are proudly from and located in the United States.