What Are SEO Services?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a long-term process of increasing your website rankings in order to increase website traffic of highly targeted leads.  The number of websites on the Internet continues to grow every day.  There are many websites and competitors that your potential customers have to choose from.  SEO services help you stand out from the crowd and put your products and services in front of your potential customers when they are looking for those products and services.


Professional SEO Services

Our professional SEO services follow the strictest standards of white hat tactics and strategies.  You want to make sure you invest in SEO Specialist that are going to follow the proper ethics of SEO if not your website could be banned from Google and the other search engines.  No one wants to see their website rise to page 1 rankings and then disappear to some unknown page because the SEO Company they hired was trying to make a big buck.


Our SEO Process:

1.    Meet and Greet.
2.    Research the Competition.
3.    Keyword Research.
4.    On-Page SEO
5.    Off-Page SEO
6.    Campaign Monitoring/Reexamine


> Meet And Greet:

During our first consultation, we take down notes and find out what are your goals and expectations.  This is a period of information gathering so we can get started on your campaign.
Research Competitors:
Next, we research your competitors and see how your website compares to them.  We want to know where they are and how we can go about beating them!

> Keyword Research:

During this stage of our SEO campaign we are coming up with the best keywords/keyword phrases that are going to bring targeted traffic to your website.

> On-Page SEO:

This is the work that we will be completing on your actual website.  Inserting meta-tags and making sure your content is user/search engine friendly.

> Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO deals with link building.  Links are a large percentage of how search engines rank the importance and relevance of your website to searches.  It is extremely important that you have high quality links from other websites to your website.

> Campaign Monitoring/Reexamine:

Your SEO campaign has to be continuously monitored and changes made in order to maintain your rankings.  If not, then websites tend to fall in rankings and the process starts again.  Remember, your competitors are updating their marketing strategies; so should you.


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