Customized IT Helpdesk Services


Our IT helpdesk services are a managed end-to-end solution.  If you do not have an IT team in place and you need to outsource 100% or most of your IT, we are here to provide you with a custom solution to fit your business needs.  When you are having issues, it is nice to be able to have your call answered promptly and deal with professionals who are knowledgeable, courteous and able to resolve the issue quickly.


Benefits of Managed IT Helpdesk Services

It is extremely expensive to staff an in-house IT support team. Annual costs can range from $35,000 to $55,000 per person.  Domestically outsourcing your IT helpdesk services needs to an experienced IT helpdesk services provider is significantly cheaper, providing savings that are a fraction of what you are paying an in-house team.  Also, your company is able to benefit from a greater field of expertise, depth of knowledge, reduction in cost, and availability of services while enjoying the comfort of knowing you have hired a company that only has your best interest at heart.


•    Reduce IT Department Costs
•    Do not have to Pay Employee Benefits, Time Off, Sick Days
•    Availability of Services
•    Eliminates Internal IT Team Complacency
•    Leverage the in-depth knowledge of a dedicated team


For more information on our managed IT Helpdesk services, contact STP Ventures at (704) 470-4121 or fill out our contact form.