High Availability Clustering


No one wants interruptions from downtime, whether it is scheduled or unscheduled.  Downtime interruptions can cost your business significantly.  Users, customers and business partners expect access to data 24 hours a day seven days a week.  High availability clustering helps to keep your users from the frustration of downtime.


High availability clustering is a method used to minimize downtime and provide continuous service when certain system components fail, through the utilization of a number of connected devices processing and providing a service.  


The goal of high availability clustering is to ensure that service is always available even in the event of failure.  This goal is achieved by placing a number of servers in a cluster, if one server fails then the other servers in the cluster will continue processing and take on the processing load of the failed servers.


Cluster Computing Benefits:

•    High Availability (The ability to provide end users with access to a service for a high percentage of time while reducing unscheduled downtime.)
•    High Reliability (Reduced frequency of system failure.)
•    Low Frequency of Maintenance
•    Centralized Management
•    Simpler Scalability


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