Escalations Helpdesk


Sometimes Even Support Needs Support

From time to time, existing IT departments may find themselves in an escalated technical support situation. An IT department may be bogged down with day-to-day IT operations, may have been tasked with a project that is outside of the department’s expertise, or may simply be looking for an IT partner they can call when getting stuck on a particular problem.  

Great at Help Desk, What About My Servers and Network?
A very common challenge of small IT departments is having personnel that are great at helpdesk situations; however, they may lack the necessary expertise about server and network infrastructure to keep things running smoothly with minimal downtime, and most importantly, securely. We are here to meet those needs and fill in the gaps that your current IT tech support team may need assistance with.


•    Stuck on an IT Problem?
•    Tech Team’s Time Occupied with Day-to-Day Operations?
•    Have a Project That May be A Little out of Your Tech Team’s Expertise?


Regardless of your business model, our IT tech support services will strengthen your current tech team and help them accomplish their mission.

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