STP Ventures, LLC is proud to announce the launch of STP Black - a truly game changing Automated Cyber Security solution.

STP Black is an automated platform that real-time monitors global threat databases for new threats - and automatically blocks the threat indicators uploaded to those databases within a 15 minute window - with zero human interaction required.

We have broken the traditional mold of staffing a Security Operations Center to respond to cyber threats.  A practice that involves massive overhead, pricing it out of reach of most Small and Medium sized businesses - and making it a major budget item for large enterprises.

With STP Black all companies have access to AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE cyber security.


For the first time ever, we can guarantee:

  • Real time threat database monitoring
  • <15 minute response windows
  • 24/7/365 coverage


Need a real-world example of how STP Black functions?  Zero of our clients were infected by the recent WannaCry ransomware attack - here's why:

“A great real-world example of this would be the recent WannaCry Ransomware attack.  A short time after it hit, a file hash was identified and uploaded to many of the threat databases. That was a crucial piece of information in the early prevention of the attack. STP Black syndicated that file hash to our customers within 15 minutes of it becoming available – a response that would be difficult for many IT department to match, especially in the wee hours of a Saturday morning – even more so for IT departments at small to medium sized businesses.”


Industry experts have already taken notice - here's what they're saying:

"“STP Black provides protection in such a way that small- and medium-sized businesses are able to have the same peace of mind that was previously available only to massive companies with dozens of information security engineers dedicated to real-time defense,” says Keane Matthews, CISSP, a Vice President and Senior Tech Manager with a large national bank.


To learn more about STP Black and how we can help protect your company, contact us online or via phone at 704.470.4121



* STP Ventures, LLC holds a provisional patent from the US Patent & Trademark Office

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